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Library Resources Online and For Purchase

Associate's, Bachelor's, Masters Degree Assigned Books, Curriculum Resouces, and Educational Books (For Purchase)

  1. The Bible -
  2. Biblia

  3. Bible Sprout

  4. Christian Headlines

  5. ARIZE Associates' Curriculum (12-Month Study)

  6. ARIZE Bachelor's Degree Curriculum (First 18-Month Study)
  7. ARIZE Bachelor's Degree (Second 18-Month Study)
  8. ARIZE Bachelor's Degree (Last 12 Month Curriculum)
  9. Living in the Excellence of Jesus!
  10. Beginning the Journey - A guide for the spiritually curious.
  11. Paul Apostle of the Heart Set Free.
  12. The Art of Biblical Narrative.
  13. The Beatitudes.
  14. Renovation of the Heart.
  15. Your Spiritual Gifts can help your church grow.
  16. Stony the Road we trod.
  17. The Epistle to the Ephesians.
  18. Preaching in Two Voices.
  19. High Impact Bible Studies.
  20. The New Testament, its background, and Message
  21. Grasping God's Word
  22. Four Portraits of Jesus.
  23. Teachings as Paul Taught.
  24. The Anointing of the Apostle.
  25. The Anointing of the Prophet/Prophetess.
  26. The Anointing of the Evangelist.
  27. The Anointing of the Pastor.
  28. The Anointing of the Teacher.
  29. The 4th Day.
  30. The Two Witnesses of Revelation.
  31. Focusing and Finishing.
  32. The Five-Fold Ministry, an Overview.
  33. My Pearls (How Jesus compares His Bride to a merchant finding a precious pearl).
  34. Bound, Chained and Freed.