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ARIZE's Honorary Doctor and Master Degrees

Why does ARIZE give an Honorary Doctorate & Masters Degree?

On purpose

     We seek to recognize those in spiritual ministry or those who have given their time, talent, and tenacity in providing human services for the needy and the lost. 

     We at ARIZE, in this beginning stage of this exciting program, did not require any financial compensation for such degrees because these Honorary Doctoral or Master Degrees are to initially lift individuals and bring attention to the communities and the world, those individuals who are deserving of such which have not been formally recognized by either the religious community or the social communities.  Since the desire still exists to do such i.e., in the giving of an Honorary Doctor or Master's Degree (honors one's achievement in ministry and life progression of mankind) we have further agreed to have each candidate for either the Honorary Doctorial Degree Program or the Honorary Master Degree Program to present to the Institute a monetary agreement that is discussed at the time of the application and the approved documentation for administration achievements. 

     Such Honorees are either presented by the Founder of Arize or individuals associated with the Founder in some form or fashion who offer the nomination of qualified individuals in question who have not been awarded for their services rendered for many years. We would first discuss with the person nominating the candidate prior to any application or documentation being accepted. 

     There are many religious and academic institutions that give Honorary Doctoral Degrees to individuals who have exhibited in the religious community or social community, visible and nonvisible services.  


Honorary Doctorate Application

Honorary Doctor 100 questions

Masters Honorary Degree Application

Masters 77 questions

Procedures and Requirements of ARIZE Honorary Doctorate or Master Degree

On recommendations of the President/Founder of Arize School of the Five-Fold Ministry, its Board of Trustees may vote to confer honorary degrees on distinguished individuals. Those mentioned above should award an honorary degree only in recognition of extraordinary and lasting distinction. The award should represent the highest intellectual and moral values; it should reflect the very character and quality of the school itself.


Honorary Doctor Degrees Offered

Honorary Doctorate of 


Sacred Music

 Christian Education 

Humane Letters/Humanitarian

The Five-Fold Ministry  

Honorary Masters


Sacred Music

Biblical Studies


The Five-Fold Ministry


     The awarding of an Honorary degree begins with a recognition of a person whose life and achievements serve as examples of the ARIZE School of the Five-Fold Ministry & Bible College aspirations for its students.

  1. An Honorary degree may be offered to a person who has contributed significantly to the cultural, spiritual, and/or social development of the Church, State, nation, or world. The contribution should be sustained over a period of 15 years and should be lasting in nature. 
  2. One should be able to document the local, national or international impact of the contributions. The mere holding of an executive position, public office, or professorship for many years is not sufficient. The creativity of the individual and the extraordinary character of the contributions must be evident, both in loyalty to the community, the spiritual contribution to ministry, church establishment, or social development.
  3. The individual receiving an Honorary degree should have a sustained reputation over a period of 15 years. The reputation should extend beyond the boundaries of ARIZE School of the Five-Fold Ministry and the state, the community living within, and preferably should with reason extend nationally or internationally. Letters of recommendation should manifest the broadness of that reputation. Affiliation or relationship to the State of North Carolina should be regarded as an especially favorable factor but should not be a sufficient condition for the awarding of an honorary degree. 
  4. The activities of the individual should contain outstanding contributions in spiritual maturity, scholarly research, teaching and learning, the arts, public service, or business. The person might be a distinguished scholar in the natural, physical, or social sciences, the arts or humanities, the institution of the church, the Five-Fold Ministry, or a distinguished person in public life, business, the professions, or the performing arts. Evaluation will be based on the level of spiritual connection with Christ, intellectual and professional attainment, and the significance of the contributions to the enrichment and/or welfare of the state, nation, or world. 
  5. The Reviewing Boards and or Committee will seek to maintain a balance among various fields of activity, both in a given calendar year and in a cycle of years. A program in the awarding of honorary degrees should maintain a reasonable balance between academic and non-academic recipients, and various fields of endeavor. 
  6. A member of the Board of Bishops/Trustees can be awarded an honorary degree from ARIZE School of the Five-Fold Ministry providing said Trustee has served as a member of the Board of Trustees for at least three years. 
  7. Honorary degrees are also given to those that financially are supportive of Arize Institute of the Five-Fold Ministry for several years of contributions. Not only just financial support but also for the groundwork in placing this biblical institute among many other scholarly Bible-based schools of higher learning.

 Preliminary Proposal Procedure

     The committee will accept a letter (typed) of approximately 500 words detailing the individual’s achievements and the reasons why these achievements should be honored. 

     A narrative biographical statement must accompany the letter. The committee will review the information and respond. Based on this preliminary assessment, if the committee judges the candidate to be worthy of further consideration, the nominator will be requested to provide the documentation required:

Formal Nomination Procedure

Required documentation:

  1. A narrative letter must be submitted, indicating in non-technical language, the importance of the achievements and the reasons why these achievements should be honored.
  2. Full disclosure of the individual life experience in a document must be submitted giving the training, experience, activities (professional and general), appointments, offices, distinctions, and awards. The current address and phone number of the nominee should be included.
  3. A brief narrative biographical statement must be submitted.
  4. Three letters supporting the proposal should be written only by persons who have been associated with the proposed candidates or who are particularly competent to evaluate their achievements. No more than two of these letters may be submitted by personnel and or church affiliations.
  5. Other documents and evidence such as degrees (reprints) should, where appropriate, be submitted. It is desirable to have highly technical materials abstracted into non-technical language.


Once the Proposal/Request has been received and considered by the Boards and Committees of ARIZE School of the Five-Fold Ministry, and Adjoining Life Ministry Board of Bishops, the nominator will be contacted and given a deadline for the completed Formal Nomination to be submitted.

Nominations should be directed to:

Bishop Apostle Dr. Zella Berry Case

3209 Henderson Field Road

Mebane, North Carolina  27302