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What & How We Instruct and Teach!

   ARIZE is unique as each school is taught by Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers. These Five-Fold ministers have been proven and tested in years of successful, powerful, and accountable ministry.

   While we welcome other guest lecturers to contribute to our student's input and study, ARIZE is primarily built on the foundations of the Five-Fold Ministry office, and its necessity for the times in which we live. Therefore, our instructors are primarily Five-Fold Ministry seasoned and educated professions of biblical studies or ministries housing degrees of Ministry, Divinity, Theology, etc., that have been called, chosen, and commissioned by Christ.


in the Five-Fold Ministry

     The Associate in the Five-Fold Ministry is the entrance to this school. The Associates consists of 12 months of study to enhance your knowledge and relationship with the assignment that you will be doing for Christ. Each month completed will give you a credit or a unit that will proceed towards the completion of your studies in this short degree program. 

     After completion of this program, you will be granted permission by the dean or facilitator to proceed to the next level which is the Bachelor's Degree Program in the Five-Fold Ministry and Theology.  All fees and tuition must be completed before being granted permission to move to the next program.

     For tuition and fees see the tuition and fees tab on your left.

ARIZE Five-Fold Ministry and Bible College 

Bachelor Degree Part 1 - Part 3

3 Years after completion of the Associates Degree (or equivalent)

Five Fold Ministry Test

The Bachelor Degree program is to horn in for 3-4 years of study. (Of note, if you have completed an Associate's Degree from this institution, your Bachelor's Degree can be achieved in 3 years. 

The Bachelor Degree Program Includes:

  • 18 months (Part 1), (With Associates - 6 Months - Part 1)
  • 18 Months (Part 2)
  • 12 Months (Part 3)
     All of which each attribute to Christ and His teachings in various subjects. Your Five-Fold Ministry calling and other credits or units that assist you the student in developing godly character begins at the forefront of this degree program and ends at the completion of it.  This degree program of the Bachelor's in the Five-Fold Ministry pushes the individual to rise up in their calling, which consists of walking and practicing their gift. It is designed to stretch your spirit, release your giftings, reveal your calling, and impart the wisdom to run your race to completion.

Bachelor Degree Program 

Initial 18 months) - Part 1

1. Introduction to your Five-Fold Ministry call - (4 months) - With Associates (2 months)

2. Practical Leadership II - (2 months) - With Associates (1 month)

3.: Foundational Doctrine - (2 months) - With Associates (1 month)

4.  Authority of the Believer - (2 months) - Part 2 - With Associates (1 month)

5. Prayer II - (2 Months) - With Associates (1 month)

6.  Angels and Demons (2 months) - With Associates (1 month)

7. Developing Godly Character (2 months)-  With Associates (1 month)

8. Gifts of the Holy Spirit- (2 months) - With Associates (1 month)

Bachelor Degree Program – Second 18 months Part II (Associates Degree select three courses to "exempt out of." 

Eighteen Courses - All courses are compulsory.

1. Christ and the Church – 1 month

2. Church History – 1 month

3. Old Testament Survey – 1 month.

4. New Testament Survey – 1 month.

5. Doctrinal Studies – 1 month.

6. Old Testament Exegesis – Book of Genesis - 1 month

7. New Testament - Gospel of John – 1 month.

8. New Testament - Acts Part 1 – 1 month.

9. New Testament Exegesis – Acts Part 2 – 1 month

10. New Testament Exegesis – Letter to the Romans – 1 month.

11. New Testament Exegesis – Hebrews – 1 month.

12. Women in the Old Testament - 1 Month

13. Women in the New Testament – 1 month

14. Eschatology – 1 month.

15  Foundations of Faith – 1 month.

16. Christian Ethics – 1 month.

Bachelor Program (Last 12 months) - Part III

1. Church Planting – 1 month.

2. Homiletics- 1 month

3. Hermeneutics – 1 month

4. Announcing Kingdom Building – 1 month.

5. The Apostleship –1 month

6. The Prophet – 1 month

7. The Evangelist – 1 month.

8. Evangelism – 1 month

9. The Pastor – 1 month.

10. The Teacher – 1 month.

11. Soteriology– 1  month – (The study of salvation) – 1 month.

12. Missiology – 1 month (The study of the mission work of the church).

Masters Five-Fold Ministry Degree

(School colors - Purple & Old Gold) The Masters in the Five-Fold Ministry Degree Program consists of that which was sanctioned by the Apostle Paul who was a true representation of what those that walk in the gifting of the apostle should pattern themselves behind.  The Apostle Paul, experienced an extraordinary conversion to Christianity while on the road to Damascus. He writes in Galatians 1:11-12 that the gospel he preached was not something man-made up, or which he received from a man, or had been taught. Rather, he received it by revelation directly from Jesus Christ. However, Paul’s message was no different from that which the other apostles preached: The message of Christ and Him crucified. In his epistles Apostle Paul explains that the preaching of the Cross, which is the power of God, can only be effective in presenting every

man perfect in Christ when it is exercised through the gifts of the Five-fold Ministry. 

The Masters's degree program assists the student to walk in their calling by assigning each student to a mentor that walks, in their perspective gifting.  

The student will train and work with their mentor chosen by the dean in their ministry calling. 

The FOCUS for the student will be to discover their maturity within the Body of Christ while assisting others in their understanding of their Five-Fold Ministry calling. Not only in the calling of the Five-Fold but a portion of the Five-Fold which demonstrates how to use their gifting in the church as well as society.  

The student will develop and mature in their giftings, in their knowledge of the Word of God, and in its sensitivity to the Spirit. They will learn not only to represent the calling of their gifting, but most of all to represent Jesus. This program is a 24-month study. Each candidate will work with their mentor for the entire 24 months.

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